Your Enset account and .NGO | .ONG domains have moved to Your account details will be sent to you via email on April 4, 2017. If you cannot find that email, or have any other questions, please contact at

  • There is no change to the renewal date of your domain name or products.
  • There is no change to your email or website product.
  • You will need to reset your password and ADD your credit card information to your account for all future domain renewals.

Since April 2015, Enset aimed to support NGOs around the world as a trusted not-for-profit provider of digital solutions for nonprofits and NGOs to use the internet to advance their own mission. However, given a shift in strategy, Enset ceased its operations as of April 3, 2017.

If you registered your domains with Enset, you will now access your account and domains through

Of all the registrars Enset could have chosen to work with, 101domain was selected because it already supports a large number of current nonprofit customers, and it also uses the same back-end platform provider as Enset, providing customers with a smooth transition.

Enset is very proud of the work we have done with the NGO community, particularly through NGOdigital Spaces. We are exploring options to continue this initiative in support of Civil Society.

Public Interest Registry remains committed to supporting NGOs online through the .ngo, .ong and .org domains, and will continue to offer the domains through established registrar and reseller channels.

WHOIS: Since Enset does not have any domain name registrations under its management, WHOIS lookup is not currently active. If that changes in the future, a WHOIS lookup will appear here.

ABUSE: Please send any abuse enquiries to or contact us at (703) 889-5778.

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